Label_EducationFinland_english@2x-480x480Ekami Consulting Oy hyväksyttiin 12.2.2018 Education Finland kasvuohjelman jäseneksi.

Education Finland -kasvuohjelma on suunnattu koulutusviennin kasvuun tähtääville yrityksille, korkeakouluille, koulutuksen järjestäjille ja yhteisöille, joilla on koulutusviennin kasvutavoite.

Ohjelma tarjoaa jäsenilleen vientiprosessin eri vaiheisiin suunnattuja palveluja.

Education Finland is a national education export program, offering Finnish educational know-how and learning solutions globally.

Education Finland is a part of Finnish National Agency for Education and works within the Team Finland network. Ekami Consulting is happy to be part of this great network of opportunities.

Education Finland’s overarching goal is to open doors and create opportunities for exporting the Finnish Excellence in Education.

Education Finland helps to export the members´ education expertise, which comes  from educational and learning products  to services covering teacher training, pedagogical and vocational programs, as well as multi-functional solutions  in the physical and digital learning environments.

Education Finland promotes deep and diverse cooperation amongst member organizations, linking them with international partners, and connecting them to new opportunities for business and collaboration.